Air Conditioning Repair Service in Pembroke Pines

Quick Fix Air Repair has the #1 team for air conditioning repair services in Pembroke Pines.

We understand we live in a region that demands air conditioners don’t break and work at the worst possible time.

We guarantee fast service request responses, trained and qualified technicians, and most importantly, we respect your home and take care of your air conditioner.

When things aren’t perfect, we’re here to help fix your problem.

Our team consistently gets five-star reviews from our customers throughout the Pembroke Pines community.

If you experience any of the following AC issues:

  • AC unit won’t turn on
  • AC blows cool air but airflow is weak
  • Flickering thermostat
  • Loss of cool air flow
  • Strange noise from your equipment
  • AC turns on and off frequently or spikes in power
  • Smoke coming from your equipment
  • Clicking or quick shut-off times
  • Air conditioning unit is leaking water outside
  • AC unit is freezing up
  • Unpleasant odors

AC Repair From Expert Technicians

During a heat wave, our ability to respond quickly is what sets us apart from other ac repair service providers.

We only employ service technicians with certified training. Our employees are thoroughly screened so you feel comfortable inviting them into your home.

Our dedicated staff ensures we can are able to schedule an appointment for you quickly if you’re in need of an air conditioner repair.

And we keep our rates affordable because we want to help you keep your home cool and your family comfortable.

Central Air Conditioner Repair in Pembroke Pines

We have decades of experience repairing central air conditioning systems from all manufacturers.

Our knowledge of air conditioning components allows us to diagnose problems quickly and correctly. The technician who visits your home will inspect the whole system so that we don’t miss any issues.

We promise to explain the problem and provide an estimate for any necessary repairs.

How to Determine if You Should Repair or Replace Your AC Unit

In some cases, the cost of repair exceeds the cost of a new air conditioning unit. Deciding between an air conditioning system repair or replacement isn’t always straightforward. It may make sense to extend the life of your current system. If that’s the case, we educate you so you’re aware of the financial risks. If you’re grappling with a cooling system repair or replacement dilemma, you’ve come to the right place for answers.

We Service All Major Brands

Our Reviews

5 star review
Google Reviews

Really great service! Their response time and availability exceeded my expectations.

Very knowledgeable workers and you can tell they are a family friendly company.

I would use their services again.

Ivana R.

Pembroke Pines

5 star review
Google Reviews

I had an outstanding experience with this Quick Fix Air.

They arrived promptly, diagnosed my air conditioning and provided fair quote.

The technicians were courteous and efficient, completing the AC repair quickly.

Brian P.

Southwest Ranches

5 star review
Google Reviews

These days it’s always risky hiring air conditioning repair service providers. You can tell just how respectful and genuine they are. They repaired my AC quickly and cleaned up after themselves.

Wow! Absolutely amazing service.

Nicole V.

Pembroke Pines

AC Home Service Guarantees

On-Time Arrival

We understand your time is the valuable. Our pledge is to arrive at your home within the scheduled time window.

Peace of Mind

Our team takes complete responsibility for your complete satisfaction. If you’re dissatisfied with our work, call us. We promise to promptly address the issue and continue working until it is resolved.

Part Guarantee

If the same part or repair fails within the first year, our guarantee policy ensures the part will be replaced and installed at no additional cost to you.

If you are in need of air conditioning repair services, trust Quick Air. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians today online or by phone: (945) 737-2400.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Do you service other areas?

Yes, we also service Miramar and Southwest Ranches.

How much is air conditioning repair service in Pembroke Pines?

We pride ourselves on fair and reasonably pricing. In Florida, AC repairs range from $125 to $8,000 for a new AC. On average, most homeowners pay around $550 for a repair.

Do you offer air conditioning maintenance packages and discounts?

You bet! Annual AC Tune-ups start at $239/yr.

AC not working? Get air conditioning working again… FAST!

We’re open 24/7.